The Sisak-Moslavina county of Croatia - Sisacko-moslavacka ┼żupanija is named after the city of Sisak and the region Moslavina just across the river Sava.

This county features the ancient Roman city of Siscia -- today's Sisak. Siscia was the largest city of the whole region back then, a Pannonian capital, probably due to its position on the joint of Kupa and Sava rivers. The city's patron saint is its first Christian bishop, St. Kvirin, who was tortured and almost killed during Diocletian's persecution of Christians: the story tells that they tied him to a millstone and threw him into a river, but he freed himself from the weight, escaped and continued to preach his faith.

The town may have lost importance with the fall of one empire, but it recovered it soon enough with the rise of another -- Sisak became famous for the crucial battles between the European armies and the Ottoman Turks. In particular, the battle of 1593 when the Turkish army first ever suffered a large defeat. The ban Toma Bakac Erdedi who led the defense in this battle became famous throughout Europe.

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