Croatia to nears a three billion Euro highway deal

Croatia would give conditions for a three billion euro highway operation grant next week and hopes to award a deal by February, said the Transport Minister Sinisa Hajdas Doncic. Fighting to revive the economy in a 6th year of recession, the newest member of the European Union wants to lease the operation of their one thousand kilometer (i.e. 621 miles) highway system in private hands as well as sell Croatia Airlines, the state air carrier. The highway program has sparked calls for a vote from union leaders of state owned highway firms who fear job losses and said that the roadways are a national treasure.
With highways alone bearing four billion euros in debt, the year old grant tender is part of the Adriatic country’s attempts to bring its budget shortage to below the European Union limit of three percent of gross domestic product by the year 2016, from a figured 4.4%. Boris Lalovac, the Finance Minister has stated that the government has plans to review this year’s budget in next few weeks.
Hajdas Doncic told that the only solution to stabilize state finances is granting an immediate concession on highway operations with an immediate payment of funds into the state budget. This would let them close the biggest part of current highway obligations.
Meanwhile, authorities in Croatia have admonished that about two thousand people require to be voided from fresh floods that have struck the Balkans. Heavy rainfall for several days overflowed river, flooding houses and roads.