Croatia among top travel destinations

Croatia is already rocking the international tourism sector and there is great news for this European nations tourism sector. Recently a leading Australian web portal posted an article along with travel recommendations for 2014 that has kept Croatia among the fourteen warmest and best travel destinations in the world. The site describes Croatia as the newest European Union member and a nation with many festivals as well as cultural events.

Among the all fourteenth travel destinations, Croatia is in 7th spot. Other top recommendations range from countries and cities like Austin (Texas), the Great Barrier Reef (Australia), Berlin (Germany), Tokyo, Nicaragua, Brazil, Hong Kong, Botswana, Tel Aviv (Israel), Iceland, Bangkok (Thailand), Portland (Maine), Cuba and even space (space travels). They have also listed worlds top twenty five hotels.

The article stated that Croatia is attracting more and more travelers and they are all set to experience a serious tourist boom. It added that travelers love the gorgeous views of the Adriatic coast, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, historic architecture as well as famous beaches. The country is also well known for its fresh Mediterranean-style wine and food. More than that, this is the cheapest travel destination in Europe.

Meanwhile, AAA Travel St. Augustine branch agent Kelly Maguire Monroe takes familiarization tour to Croatia. During her weeklong trip to this European country, she went to Dubrovnik, Split, Trogir, Zadar and capital Zagreb.