Colombia attracting foreign tourists

As new travel destinations in Latin America attract both business travel and leisure travel visitors; a whole lot of nations are also reaching out for new type of travelers.

Proexport Colombia is the government agency thats in charge of advertising tourism, trade as well as investment in the country. Proexport Colombias Luis German Restrepo (executive director) and Camilo Duque (leisure tourism director) stated that Colombis is attracting a wider range of tourists from across the world.

With decreased unemployment and a growing middle class in cities the economy of the country has stabilized, leading to increased safety and development. Duque stated that that Colombia is number eleven on the list of emerging markets across the world, and its economy is in number three position for the Central and South America region.

The Pacific Alliance free trade deal makes it quite easy for visitors to move between nearby nations without needing an extra visa. Few embassies of allied nations would even portion out offices with other members so that it can facilitate travel across the region. This makes it quite easy to mix a business tour along with a leisure excursion. German told that they are attempting to promote different experiences and cultures. They are not competing. This is complementary.

Event and business focused travel dominated the inbound scene of this country last year, with events attracting a thirty percent increase in visitors in 2012 as well as business travel in general seeing an increase of over fifty percent. Last year, almost four million tourists came to Colombia. The number has increased dramatically in the past ten years.