Greek Tourism is going great, says a German travel association

The time when newspapers used to state that the Greeks were painting swastikas on the pictures of Chancellor Angela Merkel, causing German tourists feel unwished-for in Greece, are the things of past, said German Travel Association president Norbert Fiebig.

Greece becoming an attractive destination for Aussie travelers

Almost 130000 Aussies traveled to Greece last year, an increase of 9.6% of tourists, while Australia is all set to welcome Olga Kefalogianni, Greece's Minister for Tourism, next month. Ms Kefalogianni would visit Down Under to promote Greek tourism. They would also sign the long expected Work and Holiday visa pact between Greece and Australia.

Colombia attracting foreign tourists

As new travel destinations in Latin America attract both business travel and leisure travel visitors; a whole lot of nations are also reaching out for new type of travelers.

Proexport Colombia is the government agency thats in charge of advertising tourism, trade as well as investment in the country. Proexport Colombias Luis German Restrepo (executive director) and Camilo Duque (leisure tourism director) stated that Colombis is attracting a wider range of tourists from across the world.

Croatia set to arrange electric vehicle rally

Croatia is all set to host their very first electric car rally which winds from northern coast to capital Zagreb via some of the most scenic places in the country in May. The path includes a race to electricity pioneer Tesla's hometown.

The 2014 Nikola Tesla EV Rally begins on 27th May, and would be divided into 5 legs which cover around five hundred and thirty miles. It begins in the coastal city of Pula going south to Smiljan mountain village, Zadar and Krka National Park on the coast before going inland and later north to the Croatian capital.

Croatia among top travel destinations

Croatia is already rocking the international tourism sector and there is great news for this European nations tourism sector. Recently a leading Australian web portal posted an article along with travel recommendations for 2014 that has kept Croatia among the fourteen warmest and best travel destinations in the world. The site describes Croatia as the newest European Union member and a nation with many festivals as well as cultural events.

Croatia aiming UK tourists

Croatian National Tourist Office released their September figures and it shows that 74027 British relished an autumnal break. The number is twenty seven percent more compared to previous year’s figures in the same period. This year 374674 Brit tourists have visited Croatia this year, and this is also twenty five percent more compared to previous year’s figures. In total, this year, Croatia saw 10525621 foreign visitors in the same time period. This figure is also 6 percent more than last year’s figure.

Visit popular destinations in Croatia

ABTA has collaborated with Croatian National Tourist Office to advocate delegates attending Travel Convention this year to explore beyond Dubrovnik. Recently, the tourism office reported twenty five percent in visitors from 2013’s January to July, compared to the same time previous year.

With Travel Convention 2013 taking place in Dubrovnik, the tourism office and ABTA are now recommending the six hundred Convention delegates to dig into other areas of the country while they stay in Croatia.

Russian tourists' flow to Croatia

Tourism experts stated that the EU has finished their expansion, with reception of Croatia in grade, at least till the end of a decade, reports a DND correspondent from Russia capital Moscow.

The new European Union member should suffer on the near term outlook of Croatia preach, not just in certain bonuses from EU membership, but also losses in millions in euros as well as a thousand workplaces as of the requirement of Zagreb, in relation with accession to European Union, to leave the deal of the nations Central as well as South Eastern Europe on free barter.

Croatia-Bosnia border

From 1st July, people of Bosnia will not be able to freely enter Croatia just with their identity cards. When Croatia will be a part of the European Union, they will have to implement their visa regime and this means that thing would not be th same for the people of Bosnia.

Enjoy summer festivals in Croatia

With a whole of things to engage in Croatia, visitors would also like to experience some carnivals or festivals that goes across the country throughout the year. The upcoming Cest is one of the top street festival in capital Zagreb and that is next on the calendar. The festival will start from 31st May and will go on for the next seven days in the squares of the city center.